Auto-Immunity & Inflammation

OSE Immunotherapeutics’ Auto-Immunity area consists of two clinical-stage programs with promising candidates focusing on two different pathways:
– the CD28 pathway with FR104
– the IL-7 pathway with OSE-127/S95011. OSE-127/S95011 is partnered with Servier for its development in ulcerative colitis and Sjögren’s syndrome.

For Inflammation, OSE Immunotherapeutics is developing OSE-230, an agonist antibody against ChemR23, also known as chemerin chemokine-like receptor 1 (CMKLR1), known to modulate inflammation. OSE-230 is based on a disruptive concept in the inflammation space – using an antibody-based therapeutic to drive the resolution of the inflammation process rather than targeting and blocking pro-inflammatory signals.

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