Pharma Partnerships

A key piece of OSE’s business model

For OSE, partnerships and out-licensing deals with global pharmaceutical companies represent ways to rapidly advance the clinical development of its product candidates. Selective partnerships represent a key piece of OSE’s business model that can contribute significantly to the cash flow needed to continue discovering and developing new targets and therapeutic candidates.

OSE is actively pursuing a partnership strategy with potential pharmaceutical partners.

Existing partnerships signed with premier international pharmaceutical companies for the clinical development of the Company’s most advanced and innovative programs include the following:

  • Boehringer Ingelheim (April 2018): A global license and collaboration agreement to develop BI 765063 (OSE-172) in multiple cancer indications.
  • Servier (December 2016): A license option agreement covering development and commercialization of OSE-127 targeting both ulcerative colitis and Sjögren’s syndrome.
  • Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical Corporation(CKD) (November 2019):  A licensing deal for potential registration and commercialization of Tedopi® in Korea.
  • Veloxis Pharmaceuticals (April 2021): A global license agreement granting Veloxis worldwide rights to develop, manufacture and commercialize FR104 for all transplant indications (in parallel, OSE retains all product rights to develop FR104 in autoimmune diseases).

Each of these agreements includes an initial upfront payment as well as milestone payments and royalties on potential future sales.

Together, existing partnerships represent a potential of up to €1.6 billion of revenue for OSE and additional royalties on future sales, demonstrating our expertise discovering valuable new targets and therapies and validating the high potential of our drug candidates.

BI 765063 / Boehringer Ingelheim

Milestones already received:

- €15 M upfront upon signature (April 2018)
- €15 M upon CTA receipt for the Phase 1 and first dosing of a patient (H1 2019)
- €8 M upon first patient dosed in the expansion Phase 1 (September 2021)

A total up to €1.1 B milestones + Royalties on sales

OSE-127/S95011 / Servier

License option agreement until Phase 2 completion in Ulcerative Colitis and Sjögren
Milestones already received :

- €10.25 M upfront upon signature (December 2016)
- €10 M upon exercise of the first option exercised by Servier under the two-step option within the global license agreement (February 2019)
- €5 M upon enrollment of the first patient in the Phase 2a clinical trial in Sjögren's syndrome (sponsor Servier)

Potentially to be received:

- €15M milestone upon exercise option completion of both Phase 2 trials, in priority in Sjögren

A total up to €272 M potential milestones + Royalties on sales

Tedopi®/ CKD

Milestones already received:

- €1.2 M upfront upon signature and short-term milestone

A total up to €4.3 M milestones + Royalties on sales and a margin within the transfer price


Milestones already received:

- €7 M upfront upon signature (April 2021)
- €5 M upon US IND for 1st US clinical trial

A total up to €315 M + Royalties on sales

Up to €1.6 billion milestones payments + Royalties on sales from partnerships


OSE Immunotherapeutics collaborates with MabSilico, a deep technology innovative TechBio located in Tours, France, specialized in artificial intelligence algorithms to discover and characterize therapeutic antibodies, for several of its development programs.

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