Eric Leire, MD

Independent Director
  • director

Eric Leire brings a professional international experience, both in the US and in Europe, in biotechnology and in the pharmaceutical industry. He is currently President and Chief Executive Officer of Genflow Biosciences Ltd (listed on LSE:GENF / gene therapy, senescence domain). Previously, he was Chairman and President and Chief Executive Officer of two companies in the US: Enochian Biosciences (listed on Nasdaq ENOB / cell and gene therapy, VIH and cancer) and DanDrit Biotech (listed on OTCQB). He formerly held the position of Marketing manager in the pharmaceutical industry in the US and in Europe (Pfizer, Schering Plough, Boots Pharma). Through his active experience in venture capital funds in the health field at Medwell Capital (Canada) and Biofund Venture (Denmark), he has developed biotech companies financed by investment funds.

Eric Leire is a Medical Doctor (Grenoble University), holder of a postgraduate diploma (DESS) in Health law (Sceaux University). He spent 3 years as a researcher at the Harvard AIDS Institute. He holds an MBA from HEC (ISA) and from Kellogg Graduate School of Management (Chicago). Eric Leire is American and French citizen.