OSE Immunotherapeutics’ immuno-oncology area is comprised of three programs, one of which is currently in clinical status.

OSE Immunotherapeutics is a leader in the research and development of a myeloid checkpoint inhibitor targeting the CD47 / SIRPα receptor pathway, BI 765063 (OSE-172). BI 765063 is being investigated in an ongoing Phase 1 clinical trial in advanced solid tumors under a license and collaboration agreement with Boehringer Ingelheim.

In collaboration with the CRTI (Center for Research in Transplantation and Immunology, Nantes), the Company has characterized CLEC-1 (a C-type lectin receptor) as a novel myeloid immune checkpoint and validated the first monoclonal antibody antagonists of CLEC-1 as an innovative new potential therapeutic in cancer immunotherapy.

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